2016-2017 Stroke Technique Development

Head Coach Elvin training swimmers

Head Coach Elvin training swimmers

Developmental/Swim Team Prep & Conditioning Winter Long Conditioning Programs

This is a very flexible program that helps swimmers of all ages & abilities. This program includes training sessions for swimmers as young as 6 years old on up in all four strokes through to competitive swimmers (of all ages) looking to enhance their training but are unable to commit to Swim Team programs.

This program emphasizes sportsmanship, the four swim strokes, skill progressions,  challenging swim sets (high school & competitive swimmers), swim training technology & terminology, strength training,  starts, turns, finishes, goal setting, and racing strategies as well as leadership. This is also an excellent program for swimmers improving or maintaining their skills for lifeguarding.


Allentown Splash Park Indoor Pool, Fort Washington, MD

PGCC Bickford Natatorium, Largo, MD

Date: Saturdays

Time: Allentown 1-2:00pm; PGCC 9:30-10:30am( Sept 12, 2015 – May 11, 2016)

Season: Sept – May

Registration fee: $35

Program Fee: $450 for 9 month program (Sept-May)

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