Volunteer Info


The simplest reason why you should help is also the most powerful. You should help because your child benefits greatly from your commitment to the program.

There are numerous ways to volunteer within the program.
Some of these include:

The timers are responsible for providing backup and manual times for each swimmer in their lane.  At the GAC, the primary timing system is the pads.  If a swimmer does not touch the pad hard enough (nearly all 8 & Under swimmers) or the pad is malfunctioning, the second time used is the time from the button pressed by each timer.  The tertiary time used is the manual time from the stopwatches started and stopped by each timer.

Officials are USA Swimming certified Stroke & Turn Judges, Starters, Referees, and Administrative Officials.  We are always in need of more officials.  If you are interested in becoming an official, you can find information click the link here.

-Awards Banquet

Date and location are usually secured. Responsible for setup/cleanup, coordinating pot luck, and or providing cake & ice cream. Creating and sending out flyers as a reminder.

-End of Season Splash Party

Date and location secured. Responsible for “getting the word out” Creating and sending out flyer as a reminder. Providing drinks and pizza or other food and refreshments.


Date and location secured. Responsible for coordinating the event, providing sponsor sheets, providing a snack for the participants after the event, collecting receipts and recording/ranking the contributors.

-Team Pictures

Organizes a date for team pictures. Responsible for securing a photographer. Provides assistance in collecting orders.

-Team Social Event Organizer

Organizes a team social event for swimmers, may include swim families. Creating and sending out flyer as a reminder. Securing chaperones. Can be split into two events based on age groups. Be creative.

-Team Social Event Chaperones

Assists Team Social Event Organizer as a chaperone. May need to help with transportation.

-Coordinating Carpools